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What Is Doba?

Doba is a drop shipping company with a unique blend of product sourcing, shipping and education.

The advantage of using Doba is you don’t need to negotiate with wholesale suppliers yourself nor do you need to get a reseller’s license. You have the convenience of accessing multiple suppliers through Doba.

Doba is not a wholesaler and they do not warehouse any products. They simply act as the middleman between Doba members and their drop shippers. Doba does not make money from product sales. Their profit comes solely from membership fees.

Doba is a eBay certified service provider with tools that integrate with eBay and allow you to immediately post auctions.

How Does Doba Work?

Doba offers over a million top selling products from over three hundred reliable and competitively priced drop shippers and manufacturers from around the world.

Some of the largest retailers such as Sam’s Club, Costco and Amazon use drop shipping as a means to fulfill their customer’s orders. Drop shipping increases their profit margin by reducing the amount of time and money required to manage inventory and pack and ship products.

With Doba you can place orders from any of their drop shippers from one easy to use interface. They allow you to place orders for individual products which gives you the opportunity to test products to see if there is a market for them and if it’s lucrative.

The majority of products Doba features in it’s extensive catalogue are real, name brand product. The products are new and come in factory sealed boxes.

Doba guarantees that they have lowest prices among Internet drop shippers. If you happen to find a better wholesale price Doba will waive your monthly fee for two months.

What Are the Benefits Of Drop Shipping

1. With drop shipping the setup fees are minimal.
2. The supplier stores and manages the inventory.
3. The supplier packages and ships products directly to the customers.
4. You pay the supplier after the customer pays you.
5. You can test markets with little or no risk.
6. You can focus your time on profitable activities such as marketing, advertising and product research.

How Much Does Doba Cost?

Doba offers a 7-day free trial. Afterwards the fee is $59.95 per month.

Is Doba A Scam? Find Out What Others Are Saying…

While searching the web for Doba reviews and Doba scam I came across many complaints about Doba. The number and scope of the complaints were very alarming.

Here’s a list of some of the complaints filed:
1. Doba products are over priced. In fact many members discovered the prices are closer to retail than they are wholesale. This is interesting point considering Doba’s guarantee.
2. A large number of products were out of stock.
3. Some had problems cancelling before the free trial was up and were billed the monthly fee.
4. There were complaints from several people who paid for an annual membership with Doba. They also paid to have products listed on eBay and 6 months later still hadn’t made a sale.
5. Some dissatisfied members had difficulty getting their money back from Doba. Most had to go through their credit card company for a refund.

Doba’s reputation online should raise an alarm to anyone who is considering joining the company. The WFHW team recommends doing your own research before you give Doba your credit card information.

If you are a member of Doba or you were a previous member we would like to hear from you. Tell us about your experience with Doba by commenting below.

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